Cultivating a culture of philanthropy through educating students, engaging alumni and supporters, and growing future leaders.

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Setareh Campion

Setareh Campion

Associate Director of Events and Programs

Email  |   701.231.6812

Established in 1993

The Bison Ambassadors are an enthusiastic student public relations organization that promotes Bison pride and cultivates a culture of philanthropy amongst NDSU students, alumni, and supporters.

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Your gift to the Bison Ambassador Scholarship Endowment supports full-time students who are members of the university’s Bison Ambassadors, a student organization dedicated to serving students and advancing stories of philanthropy in action on campus.

History of the Bison Ambassadors

Creation of Bison Ambassadors

Bison Ambassadors is formed by merging the Student Alumni Association and the Office of Admission's Bison Ambassadors.

Program Involvement

Bison Ambassadors work in programs such as student tours, student recruitment, and alumni events


Challenges with a growing NDSU prompt Bison Ambassadors to drop campus tours and create the Yell Leaders and Herd Club.

Herd Club

Herd Club reaches 450 members


Bison Ambassadors begin Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day and expand to three Yell Leaders.

Bison Pride Fridays

Bison Ambassadors take over the program Bison Pride Fridays from Student Government.

Contact Us

Bison Ambassadors
NDSU McGovern Alumni Center
1241 University Dr N
Fargo, ND 58102

Events & Programs

Bison Ambassadors participate in the President’s welcome by holding a sign for each of NDSU’s colleges so new students know where to gather. Bison Ambassadors then lead students to their designated college orientation, answer questions they have, and welcome them to NDSU.

Bison Ambassadors show new students around before classes begin. Students bring their class schedules, and Bison Ambassadors take them right to their classroom door so they are ready for their first day at NDSU.

Every year, Bison Ambassadors go on a fall retreat that serves as a bonding experience for the organization.

Bison Bidder’s Bowl
Homecoming Parade

Bison Bidder’s Bowl has been part of NDSU’s Homecoming since 1982. It is sponsored by the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association. The evening features a gourmet dinner, auctions, BA valet parking, and Heads or Tails.

The Evening of Distinction takes place every fall during Homecoming Week. Hosted by the NDSU Foundation, it aims to recognize individuals and organizations who have demonstrated extraordinary generosity in their gifts to NDSU over the years. Bison Ambassadors attend the event as student hosts seated among the honored guests. It is not only an excellent networking opportunity for Bison Ambassadors, but it also provides the chance to express gratitude and appreciation for generous contributions from alumni.

To recognize the thousands of staff, faculty, alumni, family, and friends who give to NDSU, Bison Ambassadors team up with the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. This CASE ASAP holiday  aims to increase student awareness of all the donations given by donors throughout the year.

Senior Day is an event held annually in the spring as a celebration of all of the seniors that are graduating. Bison Ambassadors team up with the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association to put on a fun afternoon event that consists of food, games, door prizes, and fun!

The Apple Polisher program honors NDSU faculty and staff who have made an exceptional impact on a student’s college experience. A Bison Ambassador selects a deserving recipient to bring a special gift to them each day of Apple Polisher week. These awards are for individuals who have truly gone above and beyond to serve students.