Kari Sayler

Kari Sayler '04

NDSU Foundation Team Member since 2016

As senior executive manager, Kari provides day-to-day leadership, system, and administrative support to the President/CEO of the Foundation. She also helps foster an open, transparent environment of governance and fiduciary responsibility by providing administrative support to the Foundation’s Executive Governing Board, Nominating and Governance Committee, State and Local Relations Committee, and Compensation Committee.

Kari was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota, and left home to attend NDSU, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication in 2004. She married her high school sweetheart, Josh, and they have two daughters. In her free time, Kari enjoys reading nonfiction, cooking family dinners, biking, and spending time with family and friends.

“My collegiate experience was incredibly transformative, and I see myself in so many of the students on campus today. Philanthropy and our work at the Foundation provides life-changing opportunities for generations of students and their families. I enjoy working with people who want to better a place and community that is so dear to me.”