Q&A with the Cooks

NDSU President Dave Cook and Dr. Katie Cook share what they’re most looking forward to as they join the Bison Family.


The Secret Lives of Writers

Writing is often done in isolation, but NDSU's Center for Writers opens doors and invites students to the table.

Get Out and Grow

Quinn Nowacki '23 has a passion for plants that's been growing since she was 16. Now she's majoring in horticulture and shares...

NDSU benefactor John Wold ’66 had the opportunity to travel abroad, and it changed his career trajectory. Now, he and his wife, Susan, are investing in current NDSU students through the John and Susan Wold International Study Endowment.

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Spring 2022

Cover photo by Ann Arbor Miller

Bison Athletics Features

Ticket to the NFL

Athletic scholarships are awarded to student-athletes with the drive and passion to succeed, like pro Bison Easton Stick and Trey Lance. Meet...

Making an Assist

Two photos in the home of Dale Peppel ’53 help tell the story of the role basketball played in shaping his childhood...

NDSU Foundation Field Trips

Past Stories

Designing the Skyline

Winston Churchill said, "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." For architects Ann and Dan Noble, shaping a skyline...

Finding Meaning Meets Main Street

Dr. Clay Routledge spent two decades researching meaning in life. Now, he's taking his research beyond the lab to improve communities.

The NDSU Experiment

How Brianna Maddock '22 went from Davenport, a small town of fewer than 300 people, to Aldevron, a cutting-edge biotechnology company that...

Backing the Teams

For more than 70 years, NDSU Team Makers has been leading the fundraising effort to enhance the student-athlete experience.

2022 NDSU Foundation Award Honorees

Impact Stories

A Hub for Diverse Work

The Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth, an interdisciplinary research institute, is inspired by Mancur Olson...

Supporting Future Innovators

Sadiyo Hassan (2022, Computer Engineering) learned about NDSU’s opportunities in STEM while she was a high schooler in West Fargo....

More Than Winning

At NDSU, Mike Vipond was the recipient of a track scholarship, so he knows just how important donor support can...

More Than a Scholarship

Alex Meyer (Class of 2020, Apparel, Retail, Merchandising and Design), recipient of several scholarships in the College of Human Sciences...

More Than a Mission

Ciara Houser (Class of 2019, Spanish) took the opportunities she was given at NDSU to find the perfect career that...