NDSU Impact Fund

The NDSU Impact Fund Grant Program provides funding for projects, technology, and programs that help meet the university’s changing needs and have a direct, positive impact on the entire NDSU community.

NDSU Impact Fund Grant awards range from $20,000 to $75,000. The NDSU Foundation’s Board of Trustees Grants and Awards Committee reviews applications from across campus and selects proposals that will enhance the educational experience for students at NDSU.

The application deadline is August 2, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. CT.

Possible applications may include, but are not limited to, lecture series featuring national or international figures, major workshops, and technology or equipment with broad use. Examples of NDSU programs and initiatives awarded an NDSU Impact Fund Grant include:

The Veterinary Technology Program was awarded an NDSU Impact Fund grant to convert their film-based radiography (x-ray) machine and film processor to a digital system, enhancing student safety and inviting them to learn using the same type of equipment they will be required to use in practice.

The Division of Performing Arts was awarded an NDSU Impact Fund grant to update Festival Concert Hall with state-of-the-art lighting equipment for concerts and events. The new lighting system allows students to learn and perform using modern theatre technology, preparing them for professional careers after graduation.

The Business Learning Center was awarded an NDSU Impact Fund grant to establish a collection of information to support student and faculty research in the College of Business, expanding NDSU’s scholarly research resources and capacity.

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering was awarded an NDSU Impact Fund grant to create an Additive Laboratory with enhanced 3D printing capabilities, a facility that will help students gain hands-on experience and allowing for student participation in nationwide competitions in additive manufacturing.

This program is supported by annual contributions from alumni and friends of the University.

For any further questions, please email Janna Swanson, Grants Committee Liaison, at janna.swanson@ndsufoundation.com.