University Faculty Endowed Chair

$3,000,000 - 6,000,000 Per Endowment

An endowed faculty chair is reserved for full professors, implying a special distinction on the part of the recipient. Appointment of persons to a University Faculty Endowed Chair is the highest honor the University accords to a member of the faculty. Endowment revenues provide support so that faculty members can develop their instruction and research programs at levels beyond what state budgets alone can fund. Typically, an endowed chair provides expanded opportunities for other instructors and students to become involved with the faculty members’ teaching or research.

Funds from these endowments are used to provide graduate assistant stipends, salary supplements and expenses for equipment, travel or other items related to instruction and research. This kind of support can influence the caliber of faculty the University is able to recruit and retain, as well as the quality of teaching and programs a department is able to provide its students.

Distinguished Professorship

$1,000,000 Per Endowment

North Dakota State University recognizes those who have had outstanding success in teaching and original research, indicating the potential for earning a Distinguished Professorship appointment.

Faculty members honored as a distinguished professor are deemed outstanding instructors and researchers in the individual’s field of specialization. Appointment or election also recognizes their outstanding creative work in shaping the world’s understanding of their field, use of this work, and for their interest in instructing future leading scholars, researchers and teachers.

Income earned from a Distinguished Professorship Endowment will provide supplemental salary income to an existing faculty position and resources for teaching and research costs, as well as enable NDSU to attract and retain both established and promising faculty who are acknowledged for their innovative instruction and research methods.

Visiting Lectureship

$500,000 Per Endowment

Instruction in any subject is given additional depth and relevance by the use of visiting experts, whether they are academicians or active practitioners. Visiting Lecture endowments are designed for the purpose of bringing faculty from another university or individuals of national prominence from the private sector to NDSU classrooms and laboratories for a period of one year or less.

Endowment income will be used for salary as well as teaching and relocation expenses involved in attracting outstanding teachers, researchers, professionals, along with national and world leaders to NDSU.

Visiting Artist

$500,000 Per Endowment

Visiting Artist endowments bring to our campus recognized writers, artists or performers in drama, music, painting, sculpture or dance from across the United States and the world. Persons selected as Visiting Artists will be individuals who are distinguished among their peers for their creative activities and interested in encouraging students to pursue interests in the field of performing arts.

Visiting Artists will serve as teachers, lecturers and advisors to NDSU students and faculty for a period of one semester or less, presenting a truly unique and valuable educational experience for our students.

Income earned by these endowments will provide funding for salary or honorarium, and resources for living, lecturing and performance expenses.

Presidential Professorship

$1,500,000 Per Endowment

Faculty whose current career accomplishments indicate substantial potential for creative teaching or research are in high demand nationwide. Presidential Professorships allow the University to be competitive in attracting and retaining these outstanding teachers to our faculty. Instructors who are named Presidential Professors will receive salary supplements or grants for teaching and research from the annual income generated from these endowments.

For more information about creating a Presidential Professorship, contact the Foundation at 701-231-6800 or email Monique Anderson.


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