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Common Ground

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls are so integrated into the design of the ordinary world that, when working properly, they most likely go unnoticed. But if you begin to look around, you’ll find them hiding everywhere — as natural reinforcements for dikes, bridge abutments, and seawalls, and as temporary structures for highway projects. These MSE retaining walls are an essential part of upholding and stabilizing the framework of our daily lives.

Leveraging Their Legacy

For Keith ’75 and Cathy ’77 Peltier, establishing a planned gift with the North Dakota State University Foundation was the natural next step in their philanthropic giving. Cathy’s mom graduated from NDSU; Keith’s NDSU lineage goes back to his great-grandmother, Jessamine Burgum, who was the first female student at NDSU (then North Dakota Agricultural College); and all three of the Peltier children are also NDSU graduates.

Aldevron Tower

North Dakota State University is at the heart of the Aldevron’s origin story. The Fargo-based biotechnology company focused on gene therapy research — a field that is transforming the entire health care sector — got its start at NDSU in the late ’90s, and all of its co-founders, Michael Chambers ’97, John Ballantyne ’97, Victoria (Knudson) Chambers ’98, and Matt Chambers ’00 are NDSU graduates.