About the Cover

The cover photo was shot by Ann Arbor Miller in the Diederich Atrium of the McGovern Alumni Center on Feb. 28, 2022, and features current NDSU students, benefactors and NDSU Foundation Trustees, and NDSU faculty and staff.

By Nicole Thom-Arens | Photos by Ann Arbor Miller | April 11, 2022

For generations, NDSU alumni and benefactors have supported the University through philanthropy. The In Our Hands campaign concluded Dec. 31, 2021, and raised a record $586.7 million for NDSU students, faculty, programs, and facilities. We couldn’t let the campaign conclude without one hands-centric photo project.

Thank you to our hand models: Stacey Ackerman (NDSU Foundation Trustee), Dan Dunn (NDSU Foundation Trustee), Ying Huang (NDSU faculty), Austin Kurisu (NDSU student), Seinquis Leinen (NDSU admissions), Brianna Maddock (NDSU student), Onnolee Nordstrom (NDSU faculty), Charles D. Peterson (Dean of the College of Health Professions), Macy Scharmer (NDSU student), and Mike Vipond (NDSU Foundation Trustee).