Supporting Faculty Lifts up the Entire University

Ying Huang (Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering) holds the Tim Welch and Donna LaQua-Welch Faculty Fellowship, and she considers the position a great honor. Not only is it great for the College of Engineering to have this support, she says, but it’s helpful to the entire university. Part of her fellowship funds go directly into the labs where her students work. With top-of-the-line technology, they can conduct just about any materials research they can think of. But, the effects of Ying’s fellowship don’t stop there. She uses the funds to support outreach activities like workshops and camps for low-income students and after-school engineering programs for middle and high school students.

“When you have a way to recognize faculty, it pushes us all to innovate more. I want to make the fellowship as impactful as possible, not just for the students in my group, but for the university as a whole and the local community.”

Ying Huang, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering