January 2023

North Dakota Daughters Write

Award-winning authors Debra Marquart, from Napoleon, North Dakota, and Jill Kandel, from Valley City, North Dakota, have written new memoirs to whisk you away, beyond winter’s chill.

Designing Cozy Spaces to Inspire Your Inner Hygge

Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors and these spaces can impact our moods. As you settle into winter, Abby Hopkins ’23 shares tips on interior design to inspire feelings of coziness.

For the Love of Music

Jo Ann Miller ’74 has spent more than 30 years exploring music and directing NDSU singers as they develop their craft. She reflects on her time in the Challey School of Music, the music she’s brought to students and the community, and her legacy.

Cooking to Reconnect

Five German-Russian recipes that will help you slow down, warm up, and rethink winter.