August 2022

President Fast Facts

Since its founding as North Dakota Agricultural College in 1890, 15 presidents have paved the way for excellence at NDSU.

Voices of NDSU

Members of the NDSU community share what homecoming — the game, the week, the feeling — means to them.

Painting Is Breathing

Jessica Wachter ’09, accomplished artist, grew up between the Badlands and the prairie. Returning home has inspired her to embrace the vastness in her art.

NDSU’s Next Big Move

In 2021, NDSU earned recognition as one of the top research institutions in the country, but what does R1 status mean for NDSU’s future?

Facing the Unknown

Senior years are full of unknowns, but COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to new graduates. For Gwen Toay ’20, it led to an unexpected career that gave her the confidence to take the next step for her future.

A Journey to Inclusivity

In the U.S., more than 25% of adults have some degree of disability. NDSU professor Kwangsoo Park is conducting research to create a more inclusive society for all.