Month: September 2021

Where Champions Are Made

For NDSU student-athletes, the clock never stops. Jalen Bussey ’23, a Bison running back, spent his summer on campus. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, he met his teammates in the weight room, at the Fargodome, or on the turf for strength and conditioning practice.

Program Spotlight: NDSU Nice Center

North Dakota State University’s Nice Center, founded in Jan. 2019 and funded by philanthropy through the In Our Hands Campaign, supports students’ ideas and helps them advance those ideas in the marketplace. For Dieumerci Christel ’21, the Nice Center opened up a world of possibilities as he completed his degree and advanced his business.

NDSU Foundation 2021 Award Recipients

The NDSU Foundation strives to recognize excellence through award opportunities and programs. Meet the 2021 Award Recipients: Alex Gore and Lance Cayko, Sandra Strand, Alex Tröster, John Wold, Gate City Bank, and Mike and Barb Jones.

NDSU Foundation Field Trip: The Albert K. Ekre Grassland Preserve

In mid-July, I found myself riding south on Highway 18 with the NDSU Foundation creative team near Kindred, North Dakota, scouting out the window for the rare and endangered western prairie fringed orchid. I was told ditches were the place to look, but directions to turn east down a gravel road beside a cattle corral yielded nothing but cattails and tall grass for miles.

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Lokesh Narayanan

In 1997, a photograph emerged of one extraordinary mouse sitting inside a petri dish on a white laboratory table. Like most mice, it had four legs, one tail, and two eyes; unlike most mice, it had three ears.

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Julie Pasche

If asked to envision a potato, what do you see? A side of fries next to a burger? A mound of mashed spuds accompanying meatloaf? Maybe you’d see boiled baby Red River Valley Reds sprinkled with parsley next to grilled chicken? If breakfast is your jam, the word might inspire visions of hash or a skillet packed with cubed potatoes, peppers, and onions topped with an over easy egg.