Nicole Thom-Arens

Nicole Thom-Arens '03

NDSU Foundation Team Member since 2019

As the director of creative services, Nicole helps share stories of philanthropy in action at North Dakota State University. She also assists in executing marketing strategies that help build enduring relationships between benefactors and the university.

Nicole has a love of stories, storytelling, NDSU, and North Dakota. She has spent years developing herself as a writer and is thrilled to be in a position that allows so many of her passions to align. Outside of the office, Nicole enjoys dabbling in photography, taking long walks, baking bread, discovering great literature, and working on her collection of personal essays.

"The importance of giving back was a value instilled in me while growing up but without much explanation of why it matters. Working at the NDSU Foundation allows me to connect the dots for alumni and friends of the university and show why philanthropy is important and how it impacts lives."